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What's your sign?

What's your sign? And I'm not taking Zodiac. Your baby is trying to tell you something and if you are tuned in and observant, she can help you get a good night's sleep. How you ask? I am talking about learning the signs your baby gives as her "sleepy cues". Now these are all together different than "tired cues" or even "over-tired cues." Honestly, if you can master these sleepy cue signs you are well on your way to learning your baby's awake time in order to get them sleeping. There is a specific window of opportunity to place your baby in their crib at their sweet spot for falling asleep. And it's key to give that opportunity for sleep when his little body is ready and primed for sleep than allowing it to pass you both by.

Sleep cues are subtle cues so lean in parents and look for a pattern. Moms and dads often times notice the "tired or over-tired cues" because those are very up front and in your face. The sleepy cues are quieter and calmer. Your little one may look away from you and disengage, yawn (but don't think it's always that easy), slow down and suck slower while feeding, play with ears or nose. Tired cues on the other hand can be arching back, crankiness, irritability, fussiness, and/or crying. Tired cues are much more abrupt. So at the next nap or bedtime, pay attention to your baby's signs- the message she is sending is to help you know when she's ready to snuggle into sleep.

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