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Back to Basics in the Bedroom

Fall is officially here and temperatures are starting to drop. Fun Fact-temperature does matter when it comes to sleep! The body's temperature fluctuates throughout the day and night. Our body temperature rises 1-2 degrees to wakeup and drops 1-2 degrees in the hours before sleep. And did you know that our body temperature reaches its lowest point between ~4:00-6:00 am? Optimal room temperature for sleep is between 65 and 70 degree Fahrenheit, and if it gets too much warmer or colder than that in the bedroom, it can actually cause you wake you up.

This is true for babies too! Infants get chilled easily and will likely wake up if they are they are too cold. It makes them uncomfortable. Feel the neck or chest to figure out if the temperature is just right for your little one. If cool to the touch, socks on under pajamas or a sleep sack is a great way to combat baby losing heat through his feet and that (too) early morning wakeup.

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